Cherished boardgames enthusiasts, as we would like to thank you for your loyalty of being a part of our store, we've compiled a discount system that should be very rewarding for you.
To benefit from this discount system, first you need to have an account on our website.
As you order, the amount of your total orders will increase thus leading to thresholds where discounts will be applied to your orders. The thresholds are the following:
Level 1 - Orders above 1000 ron -  5% discount
Level 2 - Orders above 2000 ron - 7% discount
Level 3 - Orders above 3000 ron - 10% discount
Level 4 - Orders above 4500 ron - 15% discount
Level 5 - Orders above 6000 ron - 20% discount
Keep in mind:
1. Discounts do not stack. The website is designed to apply the best discount available. If the item is better discounted than you current discount level, then it will be presented as such and vice versa.
2. The discount levels are permanent. They will not change with the passing of time.

If you encounter any problem with this system please contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible.